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School Reopening Plan

Delight Montessori School has already been getting ready for reopening so that we will be well prepared when the County Health Department announces that it is safe to do so.  

Reopening and Transition Projected Timeline:

Timeline is contingent on the permission of operation based on the County Health Department. Thus it is subjected to change according to their guidelines.

Stage 1 - June 1 to June 30: 3-hour program only

Stage 2 - July 1 to July 31: 3-hour and 5-hour program options

Stage 3 - August 1 to August 31: All regular program options available

Teacher-Student Ratio

Stage 1 - 1:6-8

Stage 2 - 1:10

Stage 3 - 1:12 (as permitted)

Hygiene Protocol

When the school reopens, there will be new hygiene protocols, which include but not limited to the followings:

  • Reconfigure furniture to create greater personal space for physical distancing.
  • Assign each student a learning station with Montessori jobs and learning materials.
  • Extend partial indoor activities to outdoor.
  • Implement daily screening procedures by checking temperatures with no-touch thermometer and monitoring signs of possible illness throughout the day.
  • Handwashing is done every 1.5 hours.
  • Supervise bathroom breaks to monitor proper personal hygiene pratice and sanitization.
  • Frequent sanitizing of surfaces during the day.
  • Students will be dropped off and picked up outside at the entrance of the building, instead of the classroom.
  • Virtual sign in and sign out.