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About Us

We adopt the Montessori teaching method, offering a curriculum that covers the major developmental areas, namely, Sensory, Practical Life, Language, Math, Art, Geography, and Science.

We also offer a strong phonetic and reading program, which provides step-by-step guidance, helping students comfortably become confident readers before they start kindergarten.


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to make learning a delightful experience! With exceptional quality care, we focus on developing each child as an individual to achieve their best. We foster values such as collaboration, creativity, and respect, with an enriched academic program, which teaches them to become independent in the classroom and beyond.

Vision Statement:

Our goal is to create learners who will become the respectful and intellectual generation of the future. We strive to create a happy place where each child will develop a genuine curiosity of learning and work collaboratively with the society around them. Creating a safe program where children are free to explore at their own pace in a mixed age classroom is what we aim to achieve. We hope to integrate core ethical values in children, so that they will acquire a love for learning as well as possess qualities of confidence and independence. By allowing children to work on realistic materials, we will create future leaders.

Philosophy Statement:

We follow Montessori philosophy which has been adapted around the world for more than a century. Through Montessori methods, we want to develop interest in the learning process, which helps children throughout their lives. By providing hands on and age-appropriate curriculum, children are exposed to a variety of materials. Montessori philosophy cultivates self-motivated growth. It is necessary to build a strong foundation for a child to become successful. Major goals of pre-school education include independence, coordination, control, and sense of order. Learning is initiated and self-paced. It is executed by continued exploration of the learning materials through the process of trial and error and the facilitation of the teachers. The learning method emphasizes on intrinsic rewards and inner discipline.